Shin-Sun 11, -Chunbumoon's Heir-2

Shin-Sun-11, <Chunbumoon's Heir>

Shin Sun-Il, <Chunbumoon's Heir>, is the protagonists Han Jee-Han's best friend.


(Chapter 18)||Class:Chunbumoon's Heir||Gender:Male||Job:High School 2nd year||Title:One who Endeavors||Race:Human

Level:29||Age:18||STR:42||VIT:87||WIS:14||DEX:52||INT:21||LUK:25||Next Lv:3.61%


Shin Sun-Il is a childhood friend of Han Jee-Han, he is very skilled in martial arts and his stats far surpass his level due to his training. He is heir to the Chunbumoon clan and is currently helping Han Jee-Han train in various Chunbumoon skills.


Relatives: -Poong Sae-Young (Cousin) -Shin Sun-Oh (Grandfather) -Phantom Wind (Brother?) -Phantom Rain (Brother?)

Associations: -Han Jee-Han (Best Friend, Possible Romantic Interest) -Hwan Sung-Gon (???)