Poong Sae-Young

Pong Sae-Yong


Affiliation: Chunbumoon

Poong Sae-Yong is the cousin of Sun Il. Little of her past is known, but it can be inferred that she was raised at the Chunbumoon estate with Sun Il. It is also important to note that she immensely enjoys making Han Jee-Han uncomfortable through flirtatious actions. Furthermore, Sae-Yong might have a small crush on Jee-Han.


She Tricks Han Lee-Han into Wind Rain Cloud Triade Zone to fight him (Chapter 9)

  • Wind Rain Cloud Triad Zone - Status is decreased for not having the wind, rain, or cloud God Technique. (10% each)


Class: <Chunbumoon Phantom Cloud>

Chapter All

Level: 32

Abilities: Unkown

As of Chapter 31, Sae-Yong is at level 39 with a base strength of 40 minimum because she is able to wield the ogre club that was dropped. Also, she is an Olympic medalist in women's taekwondo.